New Saints Row 2 trailer takes cues from GTA IV

When there’s a game in the sandbox genre that revolves around fighting crime and shooting bad guys while driving really fast cars, you’re inevitably going to draw massive comparisons to GTA. The new Saints Row trailer will definitely give you a GTA vibe, and probably in more ways than one.

If you remember back from when GTA IV was just a few days away, one of the biggest buzz topics around the web was the fact that the trailers didn’t show any actual in-game footage. It was peculiar, as the trailers are the main source of hype surrounding any game, but it did eventually pay off for GTA IV in the form of record sales numbers across both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The guys over in the THQ marketing department must have watched those trailers plenty because in this latest Saints vid you won’t see a lick of gameplay. You’ll see plenty of bullets, bad guys, and busted-up automobiles, but gameplay is quietly absent. The trailer will surely get you pumped for the game either way, and I guess you really can’t argue with a formula that works, right?