Take a stroll in Google Maps with your Wii

I find going outside and visiting new places fun and exciting, but it’s also expensive and possibly life endangering. Plus, I know there are those who would rather never leave their house in the first place. But those of us who are flat broke or agoraphobic can now get the full experience of strolling around major cities without the threat of being mugged. I give you Wii Street View, a program which basically hooks up your Wii balance board and the Street View feature from Google Maps and allows you to walk around. Best of all, you can never get lost!

You can see it in action in the video above but I have used my immense powers of deduction to translate what he is saying, despite not speaking Japanese, and explain exactly what he is doing. As he walks, the board sends messages to the television and moves him forward in the Street View. If he wants to turn, he leans on the board in that direction, thus rotating his view. He also says he loves Dolly Parton and wishes he could impress the ladies at school with his baseball skills. Not really sure why he brought that up. If you really want to know all the technical jargon for how this works, and can actually read Japanese, head over here.