Two companies, 75 percent of games released in Q3, millions of dollars


What do you get when two major game companies dominate the gaming scene? Evidently it’s an onslaught of games ranging from crappy to amazing and two very, very rich companies. In a recent report from Screen Digest, it is shown that EA and Activision Blizzard will be delivering 75 percent of the games in Q3 this year, having already delivered 40 percent of the games in the first half of the year. Electronic Arts will be the busiest publisher through the time period of July to September with Activision following closely behind. Both companies seem to be ramping up their Q3 releases to a level that rivals their Q4 (the holiday season) schedule.

Normally this would signal the downfall of gaming as we know it. Two massive companies dominating a release schedule just doesn’t sound like good news. However, Q3 is often dead for most companies as they hold off for those Christmas releases and higher sales, so it isn’t as bad as it looks. Plus, with all of EA’s sports games launching in Q3 it would be hard for the company not to dominate a release chart. Even if these weren’t valid reasons for the dominance of the two companies in Q3, I find it hard to complain as both EA and Activision are releasing some high end games throughout the quarter which can only help the gaming industry even if it doesn’t spread the love around much.