Blu-ray hasn’t made much difference, says BioShock PS3 developer

2K’s BioShock was one of the better games to show-off ‘next-gen’ gameplay and fundamentals when it was released. At first many swore it would only see the light of day on the the PC and Xbox 360, so when it was announced for the PS3, there was wide speculation that the game could possibly look a bit better on Sony’s system.

At the Leipzig Games Conference last week, 2K senior producer Melissa Miller spoke to Videogamer and said, “Graphical quality our goal was always to make sure everything looked just as good as on Xbox 360. So there was never anybody who could say, hey, why didn’t I get this on 360 originally, because I don’t feel like it’s up to the visual quality. We’re just trying to make sure that everybody is happy.”

When questioned about whether or not developing for Blu-ray had any clear advantages over DVD, she said it hasn’t made much of a difference in terms of specific things. “The original game fit on a 360 disk so it wasn’t like we were in need of room. We’ve tried to do what we can to make sure that the PS3 looks just as great as the 360, but in terms of necessarily utilising something specific about Blu-ray, to my knowledge, Blu-ray hasn’t necessarily made a huge difference,” Miller said.