Crytek will “thrive” on challenge of console development


In a recent interview, business manager of German-based developer Crytek Harold Seeley has been speaking on how the firm is really looking forward to getting stuck into development on consoles. Before you all run off screaming Crysis is coming to consoles!!!” just hang on a minute, because they’ve been very careful to tiptoe right around that particular minefield.

Crytek clearly wants to keep its cards close to its chest; when pressed on what the difficulties of developing on each platform are Seeley was sure to not name any names. “Each platform brings with it certain advantages and limitations,” he said. “A lack of a universally available mass storage device on one platform is offset by the simplicity of its unified memory architecture. Multiple cores on another may open up more programming possibilities, but that is offset by the complexity of designing the code architecture.” Well I wonder who he could be talking about there…

He concluded, “In all cases, [it] forces us to be very creative in our approaches. But our R&D team thrives on such challenges, the personal satisfaction one receives when finding a new solution is often dependent on how difficult it was to achieve in the first place.” Dammit Crytek, just announce it or deny it!