DS Brain Training hits record 80 months in UK top 10

In what is either a really cool or a really sad story for our UK-based readers, the worldwide smash hit Brain Training for the Nintendo DS has now spent a record 80 months aboard the UK top ten list for all formats.

Brain Training has been a hit in nearly every region in which it was released, so it’s not that big of a surprise that it would break a couple records along the way. What is surprising, however, is that the previous record holder was the original Tomb Raider, published by Eidos way back in the Playstation/Sega Saturn days. If anything is shocking, it’s that no game in the last generation was able to dethrone the very first Lara Croft outing. I know there’s got to be a joke in here somewhere about large polygonal breasts applealing to the same group of people as a game that revolves around simple math equations, but I just can’t seem to find it…