EA and Take-Two may be wheeling and dealing behind the scenes


EA has no qualms about letting the world know they want Take-Two on their roster. After a lot of drama and speculation that developed behind the scenes and spilled out in media coverage, Take-Two let EA’s final bid (which was extended five time since February) expire.

It now seems the reason Take-Two did in fact let EA’s final offer ride off into the sunset was because the two companies may have a super top secret deal in the works and want to keep it out of headline news until it’s finalized. This speculation was given credence by a recent regulatory filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in which EA states: “EA does not intend to make any further announcements regarding the status of any discussions or negotiations with Take Two unless and until discussions between EA and Take Two have been terminated or such parties have entered into a transaction.”

Just one of those things to make you go hmmm…