ECA expands into Canada. Wait for it, wait for it…eh. There it is.

The ECA does a lot of great stuff for American gamers. Members can get discounts on gaming stuff, conventions and find out all the latest news in the industry. Not to mention the fact that they are one of the most well known consumer advocate groups that pertain to gaming and love to keep us all up to date on how stupid most of the US government, not to mention the rest of the world’s governments, are when it comes to gaming. But why should these benefits only be for half of North America? There’s another whole country here that the ECA isn’t representing. Well not anymore. Canada, welcome to the fold.

Canadians will get all the benefits of the ECA, but won’t have to deal with George W. Bush as president and still have a better health care system. Unfortunately, the ECA won’t be doing anything about French Canada either. Now that I’ve pretty much used up all of my Canadian stereotype jokes all that is left is to tell all the Canucks out there that they can head over to the ECA’s homepage and sign-up for membership on the spot. Remember Canadians, if anything goes wrong you can just blame yourselves.