Ferrari Challenge makes some big promises

Ferrari Challenge has flown a bit under the radar in terms of the hype that has led up to its release. While the game looks fantastic, and boasts some impressive touches like excellent damage modeling and an intense sense of speed, not many people have been giving it much love.

That might change after the release of the game’s launch trailer. The trailer, shown above, shows off some of the more interesting aspects of the game, such as the weather effects. It also adds a nice touch towards the end in regards to the promise for additional content. Not satisified to simply say “our game will have DLC”, System 3 decided to put it all on the line and guarantee 5 extra cars and 1 extra track per month, every month after the game’s release. That’s a pretty impressive claim, considering that the game already ships with 16 tracks. That means that in a year, the game will have nearly double the tracks it does presently. Count me in.