Two new Afrika videos are the most unexciting exciting videos ever

Watching the gameplay video above and another two below of the upcoming game Afrika may lead to wonder, as you steadily nod off, when the fun is going to start. The more I see of Afrika the more I’m thinking that the ads are true. Not only are these vids jam packed full of nothing, but they proudly show it off. Check out your ability to email, read about photography and, yes, even sleep. It’s nothing but high-end excitement and load times for those who delve into the world of Afrika. Yes, watching a video of Afrika is pretty damn boring.

However, playing the game is going to be something completely different. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about something about nothing since Seinfeld came on the air. Look at those views! I just want to run for hours around that world until a rhino charges me or something. If that world is as big as it looks I’m pretty sure I’d sit through a five minute load time to get to explore it. Whoever is playing is a lousy shot though, and never learned anything from Pokemon Snap. Everyone knows that you have to fill more of the frame with the subject than that and get it centered better.