Motion controls not just for your Wii anymore


Accelerometer technology is all the rage these days thanks to the Wii. If you can’t tilt, shake and waggle what’s the point, right? Activision knows this and have just announced Tony Hawk’s Motion/Hue Pixel Painter for the Nintendo DS which will use their brand new, highly rumored Motion Pack accessory to control both games. Yes, it’s the old two games for the price of one deal, except usually the two games have something to do with each other whereas these two game’s only common feature is the fact that the controls are all based on the motion sensor.

For Tony Hawk’s Motion players will be tasked with controlling their skateboarding character through a variety of levels around the world, much like previous Tony Hawk games. It appears most, if not all, of the controls will be handled by by the Motion Pack leading anyone to imagine a fairly basic skateboarding game that could none the less be a bit of fun. What seems a little odd in a Tony Hawk game is the addition of snowboarding levels, a sport that Tony Hawk has little to nothing to do with. I agree that snowboarding is a good match for tilt controls but smacking it into a Tony Hawk game reeks of a company trying to sell a brand and not a game.

The other game in the pack, Hue Pixel Painter, looks a bit more promising and creative. Much like in the forthcoming deBlob players will be painting the world themselves, trying to revive it’s color by rolling around from paint puddle to paint puddle as the hero Hue. Now this sounds like a creative and intuitive way to use the tilting controls, but it worries me that Activision felt they had to package it with Tony Hawk to get it to sell. Players will guide Hue through landscapes, attempting to destroy the evil Drabs and hopefully found a colorful world where people will stop using color puns to name things.

This all looks like a great start to what could be a fun way to control DS games but I’m a little cautious when the first game out the door using the new controls feels the need to be a two in one combo. Are the games not deep enough to stand on their own or is Activision really feeling generous this time around? Maybe they just want to show off the Motion Pack in as many ways as possible so people get excited for it. We’ll all just have to wait until this November when the game comes out.