Square Enix wants Tecmo

Think of this as being the BIIIIG Square Enix dinosaur eating the little, peaceful Tecmo dinosaur! Ok, maybe that won’t work here (sorry Korean History Channel, for I have failed you!), but it’s close enough. Square Enix has been in the talks about conducting a friendly buy-out of Tecmo, and Square president Yoichi Wada held a press conference Friday afternoon (Tokyo time) to explain what they have planned.

If Tecmo wants to keep things friendly, which I’m sure we all hope they do, Square will give them some pretty nice benefits for taking charge of some of the company. Tecmo shareholders will be offered a 30% premium over the firm’s August 28 closing price. Going under the Square Enix Holding umbrella, Tecmo would also be able to keep its brand name and corporate structure. Sounds like a fair deal right? Of course if Tecmo wants to be stubborn about the whole thing they can expect to get jack squat, and to just be Square’s bitc….I mean subordinate.

Not that this is entirely new info. Talks about the whole take-over have been in the works since May, with Wada talking with Tecmo’s chairman Yasuharu Kakihara about the two companies working together. In fact, Wada talked about the possibility of synergy happening between the two companies, seeing as how Tecmo has strong global titles. And since Square is more RPG and Tecmo is more action, he’s hoping that the two will work together in perfect harmony and make pretty little hybrid babies. If this were to happen, people could expect to see the arcade area as the first synergized take-over.

Now to kill the rumor-mill. For those who have heard of Yoshimi Yasuda’s resignation (he was Tecmo’s president), for the record: it had NOTHING to do with this whole ordeal. But it did leave Square and Tecmo higher-ups biting their nails because of the timing. There was fear that Tecmo employees might commit seppuku after losing such a vital member of their company. Ok, maybe not suicide, but you get the idea.

Talks are still underway about this pretty big announcement, but Wada hopes to use this as a way to expand the contents of both companies. Since both of them are known for their expertise in certain genres, it seems like a fair idea. Let’s just hope things go for the better.