EA bumbles Warhammer preorders


Have you pre-ordered the now sold-out collector’s edition of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning? If so, have you recently moved and would now like to change the delivery address? Well tough, you can’t! Because EA sends pre-orders to a special fulfillment agency the moment they are made — divorcing all involvement in the process — no amendments can be made.

What that means is if your house is swallowed up into a great fiery chasm then unfortunately the game is going to be sent in there with it. And as Consumerist reader Micah found out, no amount of begging and pleading is going to change that. After a brief runaround with EA’s customer-service, Micah found out that the only way pre-orderers can amend their delivery addresses is by cancelling and re-ordering. The problem with that is that this limited edition sold-out a long while ago. Let’s just hope that those in a similar position to Micah (who was ultimately forced to cancel his pre-order) can quickly get friendly with those living in their old houses.