Ninja Blade teaser shows very little

I’ll admit, I’m a pretty big fan of ninjas. Not as big of a fan as I am of pirates, but you’d already know that if you had joined our Community Discussions area. I digress, what it really comes down to is I like to run around with a sword and chop the living hell out of whatever I come into contact with. And, while there is some swordplay in the trailer for From Software’s Xbox 360 exclusive Ninja Blade, there’s really not much else.

The trailer opens with a ninja jumping from a plane… and it ends before he even hits the ground. Yeah, it’s that short. My thoughts on the trailer went a little something like this:

  • Trailer opens
  • “Oh cool, a ninja”
  • “Ninja’s can hang upside down? I guess we’re not going for realism here…”
  • “The ninja is slicing up some flying fire bats… or something. Realism abandonment confirmed.”
  • Trailer ends

So that’s it, if anyone else was able to extract any content or meaning from that spec of FMV I’m all ears, but until then I think I’ll wait to get excited about this one.