Nyko unveils the Wing wireless Wii controller

In celebration of Nyko’s Wing release I was going to write this entire blog in Wing Dings, the font no one understands. Sadly, Rain said that I couldn’t because then no one could understand it. I told him the headline and the picture pretty much sum up that the Wing is a wireless alternative to Nintendo’s Classic Controller for the Wii, but he said readers might want to know a bit more information about the insanely colorful (in relation to the normal white) controller. So you will all just have to settle for the regular old font and can blame Rain. Ok I admit, I just made that whole thing up, except the part about Nyko releasing a new Wii controller called Wing of course, so let’s talk about that.

The Wing will work through a plug that attaches to the bottom of the Wii remote and allows for wireless playing in a ten foot radius. Nyko says the controller will last for up to 30 hours on two AAA batteries and also features a USB port that allows for the use of rechargable batteries. It’s also promised to be durable, which is important when dealing with some of the more infuriatingly hard retro games that are out on the VC. You can pick the controller up for the price of $29.99 this October.

My only questions is what is with those shoulder buttons? How will players push the smaller red ones without hitting the big blue ones? Guess we’ll just have to try and get a review unit once it lauches and find out. Otherwise it pretty much reminds me of a DualShock, so if you’re a fan of the PS2 controller and don’t like the retro stylings of the Wii controller this might be a great pick up.