Red Steel 2 by next Christmas


Red Steel had its flaws. Really you could probably say that it was one big experimental flaw. Almost everything in it was a little off putting, from the shooting controls to the piss poor sword fights. Still, under the crap you could see what Ubisoft was going for and their early adoption of the Wii can only be applauded as it was not only risky, but also brought us some rare early adult content. So when they announced that a Red Steel 2 was coming out I was actually excited because if they could fix all the problems then it could be a good game and bring some interesting FPS action to the Wii. However, it might be a bit later than originally expected.

With MotionPlus being announced and the lessons learned from better FPSs that have hit the market, I’m looking forward to the game even more, and evidentlly Ubisoft is looking to improve it further. Ubisoft has already said that they are going to use MotionPlus for the sword fighting and it means the game has been pushed back a bit. If they simply tweak up the controls and get rid of some of the more annoying aspects that the game featured then I’m not going to be angry about the game getting pushed to Q4 2009. Is anyone else in the world interested in this game?