30 new Halo 3 achievements?

Some sharp eyed people at PAX spotted some new achievements for Halo 3 at the Bungie booth and snapped a few pics of them. Rumor has it that these 30 new achievements may be part of a massive Halo 3 update called Mythic. No word yet from anyone official, but check out the possible new achievements.

Heretic Skull: 25 GS
Assembly Skull: 25 GS
Citadel Skull: 25 GS
Tank Dropper:
25 GS;
Zombie Repeller: 25 GS; Image looks like the Zombie Killing spree skull, with 2 stars behind it.
Delicious Brains: 25 GS; Picture same as ZR, except with infection spree skull.
Save this Film: 25 GS; Picture is Perfection medal.
Have Fun Respawning: 25 GS; Picture is Extermination medal
Killtacular: 25 GS; Picture is Killtacular medal
Aww, too bad: 25 GS; Picture is Killjoy medal
…Get the Horns: 25 GS; Picture is Bulltrue medal
Post mortem: 25 GS; Picture is Kill from the grave medal
Ghost Patrol: 25 GS; Picture is a ghost splattering someone with 3 stars behind it
Blades of Fury: 25 GS; Picture is Sword spree medal
Pull: 25 GS; Picture is Shotgun spree medal
Hammer Time: 25 GS; Picture is same as Steppin Razor except with a Gravity hammer and 5 skulls instead of 3.
Look Both Ways: 50 GS; On a Legendary Map, got a splatter spree during a ranked or social match. Splatter spree medal
Road Rage: 25 GS; Pic is Warthog splattering someone with 5 stars behind it
Flag dropped: 25 GS; Pic is two ‘Killed Flag Carrier’ medals, one partially covering the other
Defend this: 50 GS; On a Legendary Map, got a flag melee kill during a ranked or social match. Flag Kill medal
Came…From…Behind: On a Legendary map, got 3 assassinations on a ranked or social map. 50 GS; Assassination medal along with 3 ninja stars
Alas, Poor Yorek: 25 GS; Picture is Oddball kill medal along with 3 stars above it
Double Double: On a Legendary Map, get two double kills during a ranked or social match. 25 GS; Two double kill medals, one partially covering the other
Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7: 0GS; Entered into a ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.
Vidmaster Challenge: Annual. After 9/25/08: 0GS; Completed Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE Co-op with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.  Pic is the the skull with a hammer on the forehead in front is a green marathon symbol with 4 white stars on it
Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch: 0 GS; Picture is a Lieutenant symbol in front of a green marathon symbol.
Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan: 25 GS; Picture is 6 skulls stacked into a triangle in front of green marathon symbol.