Football Manager 2009 revealed on YouTube tonight


I’ve always wanted to be Alan Shearer rather than Alex Ferguson. But for those who want to coach a team to success, Football/Championship Manager have always been a good way to try out their organization skills. My earliest memory of the game is being irritated because I didn’t know how to play the matches in 3D, and then realizing that I actually couldn’t. People can smell my intelligence from miles away.

News is that SEGA Europe and Sports Interactive will release a series of YouTube videos with Football Manager information and features, starting this evening. The videos will highlight the new features for both the PC/Mac game and the PSP version, with more new features to be announced in the following months through a series of blogs, podcasts and news stories. The release dates will also be revealed tonight.

“Video is definitely the best way for us to be announcing the key new features for the games, and YouTube is the best place to do that,” commented Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive. “We hope to surprise our fans with some revolutionary new features, alongside some evolution of areas from our previous games.”

Finally, to all US readers: This game has nothing to do with tobacco-chewing maniacs playing with oddly shaped balls.