Rumor / Kingdom Hearts III to pledge allegiance to PS3

Rumors of the videogame kind are nasty, nasty things that can spread through the populous, inciting fanboy riots, crushed hopes and more slanderous remarks than your average high school cafeteria. That being said, this is a rumor that really isn’t outside the realm of possibility and if you think it is, well, then you need to get a clue. Also, so-and-so likes you; do you like them? Circle “yes” or “no.”

According to Official PlayStation Magazine, Kingdom Hearts III is most definitely in-development as the head cheerleader to the PS3’s quarterback — that means PS3 exclusive for the high school clique haters. Seeing as the first two entries in the series were PS2 only, I find this one easy to digest. More is to be revealed come October when the Tokyo Game Show bursts oodles of information upon the masses. Be sure to remember this little nugget when the time comes to decide if someone needs to get their head dunked in the toilet. Kids can be so cruel, can’t they?