Team Ninja still alive and kicking and punching and throwing ninja stars


Usually when a chicken gets its head cut off it runs around for a little while and then collapses in a pile of feathery death, never to kick again. Well, if we make Team Ninja the chicken in this metaphor and Itagaki the head of said chicken, then the news that Team Ninja is working on three new games for Tecmo means that that chicken is somehow living and functioning without its head. This, the internet has informed me, is not entirely impossible.

Tecmo’s president, Yasuharu Kakihara, announced the games at a recent press conference in Japan, but like any good president who knows that TGS is coming up he declined to comment on what the games are. It’s easy to assume that Dead or Alive 5 will be one of those games, but what will the other two be? Actually, the really important question is whether or not the penchant for large breasted, scantilly clad women will still dominate Team Ninja’s game design or if they’ll start working out their own style now that Itagaki is gone.