Time to break some faces

EA sent out a little reminder today about the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of their EA Canada-developed, ego-infested, new arcade boxing IP FaceBreaker now being available in the shops. But I’ll be honest, this isn’t the real reason for this post. No. Shameless self-promotion is.

A while back we had a contest where our Community Discussions members could submit questions to one of the bands — From First To Last — who’s music appears in FaceBreaker. The result was a bunch of rather wacky inquiries and while it took a while for the answers to reach us (the band was on tour during the summer), we finally have them in our grubby little mitts and they’ll be published later this week. Since a contest wouldn’t really be a contest if it didn’t have a prize or two, everyone who submitted questions also had a chance to win a copy of FaceBreaker as well as a signed album from From First To Last. We should be receiving those any day now as well, so it won’t be long until we announce the people who’ll be enjoying free gaming and music in the near future. Stay tuned.