Castle Crashers title update coming; tears dry, hair regrows


Last week saw the release of The Behemoth’s why-is-it-taking-so-long Castle Crashers on Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately, gamers ’round the globe have been experiencing issues such as lost save data (you can’t see me, but I’m raising my hand) and multiplayer connection problems (again, raising my hand). Fortunately, The Behemoth has heard the war cries of the gamer army and posted on their devblog that they are indeed working on fixing the issues plaguing their lovely new game.

No timeframe for the title update has been given, but the mere fact they’re throwing some lip service to the crowd is reassuring. The hands typing these words have met my forehead numerous times while crashing castles and I definitely look forward to a surefire fix. In the meantime, if anyone is ready to burn their console due to losing their level 30 Orange Knight (raising my hand, yet again) there are some suggestions that might help you in the interim. None of them involve torching offices so put away your lighters and incendiary devices.