Dead Space gets bumped up

This is the kind of story that I really enjoy covering, but don’t get nearly enough chances to do so. In an industry that sees so many game delays that you might as well tack six months onto the end of every projected release date, it’s mighty refreshing to hear that a game will actually be surprising us a little bit early. Even if it’s only a week.

EA announced that Dead Space will be jumping ahead of its Oct. 21 ship date and will let us all enjoy some zero-gravity mahem a week earlier on Oct. 14 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version will see an Oct. 20 release. There may be a certain strategy behind a move like this, as there are so many huge games coming out in the next few months that it’s always good to distance yourself from a product that might canabalize your market share. One thing’s for sure, nobody will be complaining that they get an extra week to enjoy Dead Space before some of the heavy hitters start draining our wallets at an epic rate.