More Matt Hazard antics

All this week D3 is releasing a “classic” press release for the Matt Hazard games. So each day we get some new fake box art and a little press release on the faux retro game. This leaves TVGB in a tough spot. Do we blatantly buy into this viral marketing and look like corporate shills or do we ignore it and not present you, the reader, with something that is clever enough to be interesting. Thankfully, we have these short posts that don’t take up much space so we’re going to go with the former and now present A Fistful of Hazard.

Product Description

MATT HAZARD is back in the saddle in an all-new adventure for 8-bit home videogame consoles called A FISTFUL OF HAZARD. Say “Howdy!” to rootin’-tootin’ shoot-outs, high-stakes poker showdowns and insane horseback chase sequences in MATT HAZARD’S first Wild West adventure.

MATT HAZARD continues his tough guy heroics in the Old West as he faces down the menacing land baron Rory Bedlam, who, with his posse of ruffians called The Bedlam Boys, rule the frontier through fear and violence. Defend banks, trains and runaway coaches from the likes of Old West scum!

Challenges include: “Quick Draw Shoot-Out,” using your console’s “Light Gun” accessory to defeat foes one-on-one; “Whiskey Barrel Hop,” an innovative puzzle where you must jump perfectly across whiskey barrels floating above quicksand; “Hazard Poker mini-game,” that allows players to bet, fold… or shoot!; and “The Good, The Bad and The Hazard” where players must collect Good Coins, Bad Coins and MATT HAZARD “Wanted” Posters in an allotted time period in order to free a damsel in distress.


More than 10 levels of Wild West action!
New side-scrolling mechanics like crouch, roll and “swing”
Each level has its own “Bedlam Boss” to defeat before moving on!
Matt Hazard is armed with the latest Wild West weaponry including a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun, a knife, a rope, a whip and the biggest gun of them all: the hand-crank Gatlin Gun!
For the first time in a Matt Hazard Game, players may select from TWO Difficulty Settings: “Cowpoke” and “Man With No Name”
Utilizes the Light Gun accessory.
Original 5-channel-sound music score.

Publisher: Marathon Software

Release Date: October 12, 1987

Platforms: 8-Bit Home Consoles, Arcade

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

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