Rumor / GTA 4 DLC coming in November

Before Grand Theft Auto IV made its way onto shelves and into our disc drives, there was ‘mention’ of exclusive downloadable content that would become available for the Xbox 360 version of the game. As with most things GTA related, there hasn’t been any official news on what that DLC will offer or when it will even see the light of day. But, that’s where spicy internet rumors come into play — according to Eurogamer, sources who claim to be close to Rockstar told them this mysterious bonus content will be released sometime in November. It supposedly includes to separate episodes to play through that add up to 10 extra hours of gameplay. In addition to more missions are more achievements to ferociously hunt down and unlock.

What didn’t get mentioned however is if new cities or different modes of transportation will be included in the DLC. I’m interested to see if the multiplayer option will get some sort of new game types or environment to play around in as well. Chances are Rockstar won’t say anything until right before they release the content so for now, let’s bask in the river of unconfirmed rumors together.