Sonic Chronicles trailers are exciting and worrisome at the same time

I am a Sonic fan. No matter how many times that stupid blue hedgehog stabs me in the back and laughs I will crawl back to him and forget the trespass, choosing to remember fonder memories before he turned to drinking. This is why I am once again incredibly hopeful for a Sonic game, namely Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. A BioWare developed RPG can’t go wrong – or can it?

These four “insider” trailers are a little worrisome. I realize many DS owners and possibly many Sonic fans aren’t used to playing RPGs, but explanation at this level of obviousness starts to make me worry that the game is going to be far to simple. When a video feels the need to explain what RPG means I start to get worried that the game might not be directed at the audience I want it to be directed at, which is me. Now sure Sonic has always been kid friendly, but this points to a game that could be so dumbed down it isn’t even fun anymore. This is something Sonic has a reputation for already too.

On the flip side of this is the fact that the battle system looks great in the rest of the videos despite it being explained to us like we are two years old. I’m a big fan of the Paper Mario style battle systems which have actions implemented into them to keep them more lively, and anything that reminds me of moving the stylus like I did in Elite Beat Agents automatically excites me. So hopefully the kindergarten grade level explanations are simply for those not so inclined to RPGs and the game itself will have some depth to it. At least in the gameplay that is. We all know what happens when they try to add depth to Sonic’s character: hedgehog/human kissing. Shudder.