Update: Tecmo and Koei to merge, Square to be confused


Recently Square Enix offered to buy Tecmo for 30 percent more per stock option than the company was worth. Sounded like a really great deal to almost everyone, even Square Enix president Yoich Wada who stated, “I can only believe that our proposal will be accepted. I hope.” Well Mr. Wada’s hopes were dashed when Tecmo announced that they were merging with Koei in an effort to round out both of their gaming line-ups. Square wasn’t aggressively taking over Tecmo so one might think that this would be the end of the story.

Apparently not. Square has released a statement about the merger and seems to be a little confused about why the whole thing happened. They’d like to know the answers to some questions. Like whether or not the discussions between Koei and Tecmo were why they were rejected like a nerd asking the popular girl to prom. If this rejection is because of that, what are the terms, and if not why is it beneficial to Tecmo’s stockholders to reject Square? Originally Square was saying that if they were rejected they would simply walk away but as of this statement they seem to be waiting it out for some answers. Aggressive now, huh?

Update: And now Square has given up. Scratch that costume request Thom.