EA was giving away free gas

In a brilliant stunt to advertise Mercenaries 2 EA was giving away an entire gas station worth of petrol starting this morning in the forecourt of the Last Stop Ltd near Finsbury Park, North London. They’ve completely taken over the gas station and decorated it with barrels and cars and guns. Along with this, all the chaps pumping the gas are decked out in merc clothing. Then the traffic showed up and the BBC got there. The coppers shut it all down and sad people left without free petrol.

Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green Lynne Featherstone had this to say to the careless EA, “Whilst a lucky few might have got some free petrol, hundreds of local residents have faced misery on their daily journeys this morning…They deserve an apology for being the victims of such an ill-thought out media stunt.”