Matt Hazard and the third dimension

Another day, another landmark for Matt Hazard. Now we’re really getting into some gaming history stuff. Clearly Matt Hazard 3D and id, creators of Wolfenstein 3D, need to have a little chat about who ushered in the FPS. I have to give them credit, making single hand weapon wielding a bullet point on the press release is hilarious, though a weedwacker could never replace a chainsaw in the hearts of gamers. I’m starting to want these fake games more than whatever it is they’re actually buidling up to. The retro-style FPS is a totally untapped market, I always hated being able to look up and down anyway.


Product Description

The indestructible Matt Hazard is back in Matt Hazard 3D, with more guns, more babes, and more bad attitude….except now….he’s entered the THIRD DIMENSION.

Be prepared to move backwards, forwards, and sideways as players infiltrate the evil Waffërthinn Cult laboratory to stop the evil scientists from cloning more soldiers and taking over the world. No need for special glasses. It feels so real you’ll be ducking for cover to avoid the blood bath!


Eye Popping VGA graphics with almost 30 colors per character!
Change hair and clothing color to make Matt Hazard blend in any environment the player faces.
Up to 12 enemies on screen!
Single Hand weapon wielding!
Gore-tastic blood pixilation now more realistic than ever!
5 different types of shotguns!
5 Difficulty Settings: Bed Wetter, Pimple Popper, Blood Letter, Mind Blower, and Extreme Mind Blower
Hack your enemies with a secret unlockable weed whacker!
Original MIDI music score.

Publisher: Marathon Software

Release Date: October 1992

Platforms: PC, Next-Gen 32-Bit Home Consoles, ambitious 16-bit Home Consoles

Graphics Card Required: VGA

Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

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