Motorstorm Pacific Rift looks… finished?

If I had to describe the newly released videos of Motorstorm Pacific Rift in one word, and I wasn’t allowed to use ‘gorgeous’, ‘intense’ or ‘amazing’ I’d probably have to say ‘finished’.

As you can see by the video above, the game looks complete, not to mention amazing, intense… and gorgeous. Pacific Rift is looking quite a bit like a beefed up, pimped out version of its predecessor, and that’s definitely a good thing since the original Motorstorm remains one of the must-own titles for the PS3. The first similarity you’ll notice is the dirt that covers the screen almost from the start of the race, which has been a Motorstorm bullet point since the series was first revealed many E3s ago. The only small issue I take with the footage shown is that the deep jungle portions of the races look rather dark. This might just be the contrast of the video, but it’s definitely going to be crucial to see where your pointing your 2-ton semi cab while motoring through the forest at 90mph, or maybe that’s the fun part?

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