Strain your eyes at this tiny Spore advertisement


Tiny billboards are in vogue at the moment, but this one takes the itsy bitsy biscuit! EA have placed what is probably one of the smallest billboard advertisements in the history of… well.. billboard advertisements in San Fransisco’s Union Square for the recently released Spore. The ad is a teeny weeny 14″ by 6″ and placed on top of a building several stories high.

Before you go ahead and book several sessions of electro-shock therapy on behalf of the marketing department wait a minute, because this tiny billboard is but one half of a cunning ploy. The advert is clearly visible from a specially branded Spore telescope placed several hundred meters away. Obviously this has something to do with the fact you begin the game playing a single celled organism which would otherwise only be viewed by a microscope. Telescope/Microscope, geddit?