Castle Crashers DLC to bring more, more, more


Having been released not even 2 full weeks ago, The Behemoth’s XBLA behemoth (see what I did there?) Castle Crashers is already set to expand its behemothness (this needs to stop) with some upcoming downloadable content. Word from the official devblog is we’ll be seeing two additional characters in the form of the King and the Necromancer as well as a new chainsaw weapon — I hope it’s as awesome as in the image header.

No information on pricing or a release has been mentioned, but are expected once the Microsoft overlords give the thumbs up. However, The Behemoth’s focus on fixing the online issues is priority numero uno. Hopefully this little chunk of DLC is either a freebie, such as a “thanks for not burning down our offices due to connection problems,” or comes packed with more campaign goodness. Personally, I can’t get enough of Castle Crashers and would really love to see more cartoon killing. What about you?