Eye Candy Recap / September 8

Eye Candy Recap is a periodically updated feature detailing the latest additions to our Image Galleries.

Developers have been kind of skimpy when it comes to releasing new screenshots this past week, so we’ll have to make due with another modest update today. It’s far from being a total loss though as we do have some nice ones here, like the first pre-alpha screenshots from Codemasters’ 5,000 square mile (14,000+ kmĀ²) sandbox racer named Fuel for example. And surely fresh shots from Killzone 2 and The Conduit, both the current powerhouses of their respective systems, are always welcome?

Fuel5 new additions
Far Cry 2
1 new addition
Killzone 2
4 new additions
Infinite Undiscovery20 new additions
Spore14 new additions
The Conduit7 new additions
Bionic Commando4 new additions