Hazard, Matt Hazard

I guess the weekend was just a temporary respite for Matt Hazard because D3 has sent over the next game in the Matt Hazard canon. You Only Live 1317 Times (YOL1317T) is clearly a rip off of… actually, if you don’t get it, never mind. Though one wonders why they chose to mock EA’s first outing into Bond and not GoldenEye itself. I guess it makes the claims of awesome FPS action a bit more ironic.


Product Description

One of the most anticipated sequels in video game history has finally arrived: MATT HAZARD is back in the follow-up to 1994’s smash hit ThunderEye, called You Only Live 1,317 Times. ThunderEye, which essentially created the spy-shooter-fighting-driving game category, sold more than 700,000 units in its initial release.

You Only Live 1,317 Times picks up the story of international espionage as undercover American hero MATT HAZARD once again is called upon to save the world from the Commies, this time by penetrating deep into enemy territory, using amazing new gadgets, as well as meeting – and greeting – sexy Soviet villains and this game’s “Hazard Honey” – a voluptuous Italian/NATO spy named only “Robbicitilina.”

This MATT HAZARD thriller is created for even more of your friends! Building off of ThunderEye’s groundbreaking turn-based, two-player multiplayer mode, YOL1317T expands this to include four players – in REAL TIME COMBAT! Face down your friends and foes in more than 11 blood-thirsty arenas as it’s spy vs. spy in FULL 3D with almost a dozen polygons per character!


Movie-like “torn from the real world news” storyline written by MATT HAZARD veteran designer and co-creator, Sal Baltolotti!
Intense four-player split-screen multi-player frag-fests across more than 11 levels!
Famous Hollywood starlet digitally rendered in eye-popping polygons as the “Hazard Honey” (starlet will be revealed when the game ships!)
Amazing spy weapons like silenced pistols and poison injections!
Cool, top-secret spy tools like mobile telephones, lasers, pocket spy televisions, security camera detector and super-powered motorcycles!

Publisher: Marathon Software

Release Date: April 11, 1995

Platforms: All Home Consoles

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

For More Information www.WeaponsOfMattDestruction.com