Interview / From First to Last

Well, it is a bit delayed thanks to the band being incredibly busy all summer with the Warped Tour, but here now is the first ever Music in Games interview. TVGB got a chance to talk with the guys from From First To Last, whose music is being featured on the just released FaceBreaker, and ask them about music, gaming and everything in between. Oh, and Travis, Matt, Manning, Derek and Chris (the band members) were especially awesome and answered pretty much every single question our community submitted. Luckily the guys in the band are big gamers along with rock stars so they had plenty to say on all fronts.

As for the contest winners, who could be receiving either a signed copy of FFTL’s album or a copy of FaceBreaker for 360 (the Wii winner will be announced when the Wii version is released in November), we’ll be announcing those shortly and getting them out to the winner ASAP. You’ve waited too long to start breaking faces and now you can. So jump in if you’re interested in rock n’ roll, what the worst city in the US to play in is and whether or not any of the guys was man enough to ever defeat Mike Tyson in Punch Out.

TVGB: Talk about how the band came together.

Travis: Matt Good and I started playing shows together in Florida when he was 18, and I was 20. We have had a lot of different members in the band, but for the most part it’s been me and Matt and Derek marching on towards glory over the last 6 years. Manning and Chris are the newest members, but they aren’t noobs at all so don’t get any wise ideas.

Matt: We were all living in Florida and we just found each other through mutual friends and started the band.

Manning: Just a bunch of dudes that wanted to play music pretty much.

TVGB: How did you get involved in Artwerk?

Manning: We were looking for a publishing company to work with and we liked them the most. I think what they do is different from most companies. And we are big gamers so it sounded perfect to us.

Travis: While we were writing our new record that’s out now, we kept saying how amazing it would be to work with video games closely and get more opportunities in that market…so when we heard that EA was stoked on our new sound and wanted to work for us it was like a dream come true!

TVGB: What kind of musical influences do you guys have?

Manning: I think we mostly listen to music we grew up on. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine. Bands like that.

TVGB: What did it mean to you to get your music in a videogame?

Derek: It was something that gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. I love videogames, and to have my song in one was so bad ass.

Matt: It truly fulfilled my inner nerd. I’ve loved video games since I was like 10 years old so to be involved in them now is amazing for me.

Manning: It meant we got free videogames! We are huge gamers so anything to do with games is amazing to us!

TVGB: Do you see videogame’s as a viable outlet for music distribution?

Chris: I know I m always happy when a game has a great soundtrack to it, so I don’t have to shuffle through my Ipod while slaying. So as long as the songs on the game shred they will get replayed over and over and that’s never bad.

Matt: Yea, definitely. I’ve seen a lot of bands have a song get big cause it was in a Tony Hawk game or something.

Derek: Yeah definitely. With the music industry waning I think partnering up with an industry that is on the rise can only help.

Travis: Most certainly, the market for gaming keeps growing while the music market suffers, so it’s easy to see how it can be a huge marketing tool for bands to get their sound and name and even image out there to all the consumers.

Manning: I think so. Games have always had music in them. I think it’s really cool to be able to find new bands just buy playing a sick game you like.

TVGB: Where is your favorite place to perform?

Chris: Mars, when it happens it’s going to be fucking sick. Or New York City.

Derek: Japan, but I hate the flight there.

Travis: I think right now it’s New York, the people there are awesome and know how to have a good time at a concert!

Matt: Japan.

Manning: I think the Nova in Virginia is an amazing place to play. One of the nicest venues in America.

TVGB: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? How about when you game?

Matt: I’ve been listening to the New Norma Jean a lot lately and it shreds real hard. When I game I’ll put on some Refused or Dimmuborgir. I just need something heavy and epic while I’m collecting epic wins in my pocket.

Manning: I like hearing epic music on video games like when they score the music for it. Sweet orchestras and stuff like that.

TVGB: What are the biggest struggles for an up and coming band?

Chris: The touring market right now is one big struggle for the most part, with gas prices being so high.

Matt: I think it would be surviving. You barely get paid anything when you first start and all you have is touring to keep your career moving so with gas costing so much it can get kinda hard.

Derek: At this point I’d say just about everything. 5 dollar gas, record sales in freefall, concert attendance down, the country in a recession. Those are a few things that may keep bands off the road.

Travis: Probably figuring out how to sell records/mp3s. It’s sooo hard!

TVGB: What do you enjoy most about playing live and being on the road? Least?

Chris: I love playing live and being on the road. I hate lot lizards.

Derek: The freedom, getting to see the whole country. It’s something I took for granted until I realized how many people have never left their state or hometown.

Matt: I like being in a new place everyday and having a change of scenery and meeting new people everyday. The thing about it I don’t like is not being able to shower everyday and missing my loved ones.

Travis: The constant change of scenery and energy, I love the subtle differences, but when you play it all feels like one thing. My least fave thing is probably being away from my home.

Manning: Getting to meet new people all the time and travel all over the world doing what I love. My least favorite part is being away from home 10 months a year.

TVGB: Where do the ideas for your songs come from?

Chris: Duke Nukem, he’s an inspiration.

Derek: It honestly changes for every song. Anything from a guitar riff to a drum beat or a vocal. Just depends.

Travis: It’s always different, usually just something one of us has gone through.

Matt: Our brains.

TVGB: How well do you think your song fits into the Facebreaker game? Were you surprised with the tie in?

Chris: Well I’ve broken my face open about 3 times playing our songs so it’s only right I get to break other peoples faces while jamming to our tunes.

Derek: It’s funny to hear it in there. Yeah I think it fits, I guess I have a bias though.

Matt: I think it rules. I was really excited when they told us about it.

Travis: I think it’s awesome!!! So stoked.