Neverland Card Battles site launch and trailer

Development for the PSP is starting to become a little lacking. The pretty little handheld isn’t really pumping out the gaming classics as fast as it should be. Luckily it isn’t completely dead, there are still games coming out, especially if you’re into the Japanese gaming scene. Even luckier is the fact that you don’t have to import at least one of the more Japanese centric games because it is coming over to the U.S. Neverland Card Battles is the first game based on the TCG of the same name and is coming to the PSP in Fall of 2008, which is sooner than you think.

The trading card game is huge in Japan, where the PSP is doing a little better, so it makes sense that it should be ported onto the PSP. With the official site launching today you can check out for yourself some of the characters and cards that are being put into the game. Also that’s the first trailer for the game above, which looks very Japanese. It looks like a decent game if you’re into card games – which I’m not, but I can feighn interest with the best of them. Look at that deck building action! Check out all the well known characters from the Neverland world! Use Dominators to dominate your…

I can’t do it! TCG videogames make no sense to me. I tried, really.