Welcome to Uselessville. Population Wii Wi-Fi network adapter

There are plenty of awesome peripherals that people want for the Wii. Things the system really and truly needs. External memory for instance or maybe a robot that cleans your apartment. Both those things would be great. A wireless network adapter that does the exact same thing any network adapter does, and really has nothing to do with the Wii other than the fact that the Wii and DS are wireless, on the other hand is not something anyone really needs and yet Nintendo of Japan has announced they will be releasing one. The thing isn’t even guaranteed to work with anything but the Wii and DS!

Thankfully, we in Europe and America do not have to worry about how good our adapter and Wii match because at the moment we won’t be getting the adapter over here. The thing is a Japan only and since no one really needs it I think we’ll all be just fine if it stays that way. Actually, my adapter is made of white plastic anyway so it bothers me even less. Is anyone jealous that Japan is getting this and not us?