Digital content sees discount on Xbox LIVE

Ever wonder why stuff like Mutant Storm Reloaded is still 800 points (10 dollars US) on Xbox LIVE Arcade, even though it came out at launch and has a sequel that retails for the same price? Yeah, me too. There’s a ton of older titles that I’d gladly pick up on sale, yet instead of dropping prices, Microsoft decided to drop the games themselves. I guess their number crunchers know something I don’t.

Thankfully, though, Microsoft’s eggheads have calculated a slightly similar plan. Until the end of October, a handful of DLC packs will be available at a respectable discount. Unfortunately, only six games have packs that are featured in this “Extended Play Download Days” promotion, and Beautiful Katamari‘s reviled already-on-the-disc content may never be worth your points. On the other hand, Oblivion‘s Shimmering Isles pack will see a hefty 33% discount, which amounts to 800 points (that’s right, you can buy a copy of Mutant Storm Reloaded for that). Anyway, it’s not perfect, but it’s a big step up from the horse armor days.