Fancy breaking your own world record at GameCity 08?

Videogame records are serious business! With Guinness World Records devoting an entire book to the pursuit it means that those who have cast away all hope of a regular life in the quest for that ultra-highscore are finally getting the bragging rights that they deserve. However, getting individual records taken seriously is no easy task.

UK independent game festival GameCity, in association with Guinness World Records, announced today that it will be giving budding record breakers the chance to submit their ideas. The ten best ideas will be selected and the entrants will be invited to have a shot at them live on the GameCity big screen in front of hordes spectators. Not to mention those all-important official Guinness World Records adjudicators. Anyone wanting to to enter needs to email the gaming record they’d like to attempt to [email protected] or register online.

GameCity has also today announced that it will be tackling a few records of its own “Involving hundreds of people, a unique musical soundtrack, a great deal of curry and the support of the local authorities.” Not all at once, surely?