Fun with consolidation

The merger-happy videogame industry is once again jostling to become one giant blob of a videogame publisher. Today, Infogrames Entertainment and Namco Bandai Europe announced a “strategic partnership” which, while not exactly a merger, will see Namco Bandai buying a 34% stake in Infogrames. Together, they will use Infogrames’ exclusive distribution network to sell both companies’ games in Europe and Asia.

So for now, we won’t have to call them Namco Bandai Infogrames, or Infonamdai or any other ridiculous names. However, until 2012, Infogrames has the option to sell the rest of their company to Namco Bandai, and after 2012, Namco Bandai will have the right to purchase it. So we may see a Nambangrames yet.