I saw this coming

It wouldn’t really be a good parody of the history of games if an iconic, made up figure like Matt Hazard didn’t have a kart racer. You can only imagine how terrible this game would be. Although the name, Haz-Matt Karts, is down right clever and Matt Hazard does look adorable racing around in his little go-kart. I always love the obscure characters that show up in kart racers.


Product Description

The latest in the multi-million-selling Matt Hazard videogame franchise, Haz-Matt Carts, sends the legendary character off to the track for a hi-jinx-filled competition that will be fun and exciting for families and gamers of all ages!

In Haz-Matt Carts, Matt Hazard returns as he is called upon by his old friend, Professor Zee, to compete in an elite cart-racing circuit full of wacky and comical, over-the-top challenges. By winning races, Hazard will collect GlooGloo Fruitoids, which are required to save the Earth from an invasion of hostile Aliens from the planet Glootron 3. Hazard must collect Fruitoids before his classic foes do or else one of those legendary ne’er-do-wells will be rewarded with the Presidency of Earth.

Through the races, Matt Hazard will face off against some of his most classic franchise enemies like Captain Carpenter, Bill the Wizard, Sonny Tang, and Rory Bedlam and his posse, The Bedlam Boys. Also making a special appearance in Haz-Matt Carts for the final showdown – General Neutronov and his evil henchman, Lord OctoSurgeon, last seen in the original Matt Hazard game from 1983, The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land.


Wacky, over-the-top racing that smashes, bashes and clashes across 6 amazing out-of-this-world environments!
Double the course count with REFLECTION mode. Race the same level again, only going BACKWARDS!
More than 17 vehicles to choose from, including 5 unlockable cars from the game’s “bosses” as well as the laugh-tastic Hazard Honker!
Silly and colorful Gloo-Gloo weaponry for blasting the tar out of enemies, including the Zaptaster, the Fruitoid Electrifier and the Banana Peel!
Classic Matt Hazard franchise enemies with their famous catch-phrases, like “Let’s ding dong ditch that sucka” and “That is sooo cool beans”
Family fun for gamers of all ages with kid friendly humor and art.
Fresh new look, including unique “giant bobblehead” character design and all the colors from the rainbow.

Publisher: Marathon Software

Release Date: May 13, 2000

Platforms: Consoles, PC

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99