Sony is very happy with the PSP, so happy it’s kind of sad


So the PSP isn’t quite the juggernaut of handheld gaming that the PS2 was of the console world. In fact, it has pretty much been dominated by the DS for almost its entire life span. Sure sales are looking up in Japan, but on a worldwide scale this match goes to the DS every time. One would expect Sony to be a little dissapointed about this, but as it turns out they are nothing but happy.

SCEE UK boss David Reeves insists that the PSP is in no way living in the DS’s shadow and that Sony is really, really, really, ridicously happy with the system. “We’re very, very happy and comfortable with our PSP business,” he said in an interview with MCV. “And I don’t think we’re necessarily in the shadow of DS – they have different types of games and we have a different positioning for PSP which is not just about gaming, but Go Explore and everything else that comes with it. So we’re very very happy with its progress and the more and more we go to publishers with it the more they are coming on board.”

Not to sound like a fanboy, but what exactly is the PSP offering game wise the DS isn’t? Last time I checked I can go from a ridicously violent FPS to mind bending puzzle games and anywhere in between with just the change of a DS cartridge. I enjoy my PSP when I’ve got a game I want to play on it, but saying that more and more publishers are coming on board doesn’t seem to add up to what I see on store shelves? Do you think Sony should be this happy with their portable?