Dead Space banned in Japan, Germany, China

It appears that the awesomeness that is the blood and guts of Dead Space is too much for the likes of Japan, Germany, and China. Ben Swanson, community manager at EA, announced in the Dead Space blog that the game is banned from these parts of the world, and honestly it baffles me beyond all reason. Presumably the game has been banned because of gratuitous violence, and yet these countries have had quite the cavalcade of game releases that fit the same kind of bill. Especially Japan, who we have to thank for such classics as the Resident Evil franchise. Really, Japan? China and Germany I can believe, but Japan?

Japan is the home of the arcade game Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, and Dead Space is offensive? I can’t help but laugh. Anyway, whatever the reasons are behind the move to ban the game in these countries will be sure to generate more buzz. All I know is as soon as I can get my hands on the game, it’s not going to be leaving my system.