GTA blamed for creating “sex beast”


Oh, The Sun, how wonderful my life was before I knew nothing of your British tabloid wonder and your seemingly endless goal to sell newspapers by insinuating that videogames kill people. What is thy latest sensationalist piece of writing? Why it is saying that 19-year-old Ryan Chinnery “prowled streets in his car targeting females he thought were prostitutes after becoming obsessed with the video nasty.” I’m not sure what video nasty is but the article is pretty blatant about blaming GTA for all of this.

Chinnery molested and abused four women over a two year time span and also happened to own a GTA game during that same time. Eleanor Laws, the prosecutor for the case, said that Grand Theft Auto “may go some way to explaining his attitude towards women. There may be some connection with the defendant admitting spending a lot of time playing that game.”The Sun has decided that ‘may’ and ‘some connection’ mean ‘definitely’ and ‘intrinsically connected’ and thus have reported on the story like GTA was the only factor in corrupting the youth. The caption under his photo even says “Twisted … Ryan Chinnery played computer game.” You wonder at what point Mike Sullivan, the stories author, sold his journalistic soul.