Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full 9 years today that SEGA unleashed its swan-song console onto the western world. As of yesterday, 9/9/2008, the Dreamcast is officially 9 years old here in the states. The Dreamcast’s US launch was a spectacular one to say the least: great games, great marketing and a great console. The only thing that held up the Dreamcast in the end was its biggest rival, the PS2. Sony capitalized on SEGA’s mostly disgruntled fanbase (thanks Saturn) and took the position as Nintendo’s #1 competitor.

In honor of the 9th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s epic launch (and eventual demise) we present you with a pawnshop’s game-case full of video content. Hit the jump for the DC vid stash, and get ready to call your local resale shop in heavy anticipation of some of the best titles in the history of gaming. They grow up so fast don’t they!

AWESOME Chu Chu Rocket commercial (Japanese)


Power Stone

Sonic Adventure “It’s Thinking…” commercial

Hydro Thunder

Virtua Tennis

Crazy Taxi

San Franciso Rush 2049

Space Channel 5

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

Soul Calibur

Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio)

Samba De Amigo

Phantasy Star Online

There you have it ladies and gents, feel free to share your most memorable Dreamcast moment below! Always remember, “It’s Thinking…”