Rumor / Castle Crashers art assets leak DLC


The other day I mentioned we’d be seeing some downloadable content for Castle Crashers in the form of new characters and a new chainsaw weapon. If an image discovered by some GameFAQers is to be believed, we may be seeing more coming to the game than originally thought.

On top of the already known additions of the King and Necromancer characters, future DLC may also contain the Wizard, Open Visor Gray Knight, two animal orbs — seal and floaty demon looking thing — as well as a handful of new weapons: lollipop (yes!), gold mace, gold sword — rumored to be from Newgrounds’ Super Smash Bros.-ish game, Newgrounds Rumble — and the aft-mentioned chainsaw, which appears to be two separate pieces. Oh yes, a weapon that epic will require some work. Now all we need is for this info to be confirmed, and while we’re daydreaming, an Army of Darkness-themed level to join in on the fun. If that last sentence made you squee with delight, then we are officially bestest friends and my mom said you could stay over this weekend.