Velvet Assassin faces delay

Velvet Assassin, formerly known as Sabotage, has been one of Gamecock’s more promising looking titles. After a few of their more recent releases have received sub-par receptions, we can imagine Gamecock is looking to put all doubts to rest that it is a serious publisher. With that in mind, the word from Eurogamer is that Velvet Assassin has been pushed back to 2009 in a double-jointed effort to improve sales.

The first positive aspect is that Velvet Assassin will no longer have to compete with the insane blockbuster fall releases such as Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. The other is that developer Replay Studios will have even more time to craft the title into a quality stealth-action game. Sure, we wanted to see Velvet Assassin come out in October too, but there will be plenty to keep us preoccupied until 09, and we only have to wait until the European version is released. Never say we haven’t felt your pain, gamers across the pond. No word on when exactly Velvet Assassin will hit the Xbox 360 and PC, we can only wait for sometime in “early 2009”.