Disaster: Day of Crisis video and details

It’s strange to me that a game so many people have been looking forward to, or at least wondering about, has gotten so little marketing and attention from the people putting it out. Disaster: Day of Crisis looks like some of the most interesting stuff hitting the Wii at the moment and yet the marketing for it is kicking in only a few weeks before the game’s Japanese release. Sure we got a plethora of screens about a week ago but the video above was only put up yesterday and the game comes out in about two weeks. Shouldn’t this be a major title for Nintendo to show off? It’s been in production forever and when we first heard about it it was somewhat of a flagship title. We still don’t even know when we’ll see it in the U.S. or Europe.

We do know a few more details on the game though. Players will take on the role of Raymond Bryce, a retired rescue worker who quit after his good friend died on the job. He’s about to start a new job when a massive earthquake hits and the rescue worker in him takes over. Unfortunately, a terrorist group has decided to use the ensuing panic to steal a nuclear bomb and kidnap Raymond’s dead friend’s sister. Raymond must then save lives, survive a plethora of natural disaster and take on the terrorists – how awesomely overblown is that? Word is there will be plenty of shooting.

So what’s up? Why didn’t this game get more press ahead of time? Is Nintendo pulling another Metroid Prime stunt where they’re only advertising it via weird downloads and video? I’m not sure, but any game with that much side burn action is a game I want to play.