Obvious / People don’t like spending money

This just in from a bureau of things that didn’t need a survey to be found out: people don’t like spending $60 on a videogame. Despite anyone on the street being able to tell you this, Frank N. Magid Associates recently conducted a survey of 452 gamers (male and female, ages 12-64) on their attitude toward $59.99 games that revealed exactly what percentages of people would rather not spend that kind of money on a videogame. The results aren’t shocking to say the least. Take a look:

  • 43% said they’d wait for next-gen game prices to drop
  • 30% would buy more used games
  • 23% would buy fewer games at $60 a pop
  • 17% would rent more games rather than purchase them
  • 17% said that for the right game, price would not matter

Truly staggering numbers that basically tell the industry that most of us will buy $60 games but we aren’t going to like it. In case you’re wondering why the numbers add up past 100 percent, it’s because people could respond with multiple answers. Judging from the recent Madden numbers, I’d say this survey may be a little off on how many people are waiting for prices to drop.