More Matt Hazard arrives, no actual game


In my last post I said the Matt Hazard shenanigans were coming to an end but for those who wanted more they could check out The Real Matt Hazard, a blog by the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Marathon Software, Ralph Tokey. We really weren’t going to pump the whole thing up anymore until some actual news about the game came out from D3, but then Mr. Tokey himself sent over an email directly from his personal Gmail account informing us that he had updated his blog with some of the Matt Hazard “firsts” that had revolutionized the videogame industry. Did you realize he was responsible for jumping in videogames? Yea, me neither.

I have to hand it to D3 for going the extra mile and then looping back around and going that mile again. Creating a gaming history is one thing, making up an entire person, well that’s some dedicated marketing. Plus, they refuse to break out of character, no matter how much we pester them about it. Tokey, if that is his real name, even hints that he’ll be giving interviews and prompts us to ask him any questions we might have about the history of Matt Hazard. We still don’t know anything about the real bloody game other than it’s most likely a shooter. I’m liking this for now but they better start leaking out some information on the actual game or it’s going to get really old, really quick – especially since it seems they’ve already jumped on board the Facebook bandwagon. Hear that D3? Real game, real soon.

You can read our letter from Mr. Tokey after the jump and if you have any questions for him about Matt Hazard, feel free to leave them and we’ll try to get them answered.

Mr. Razak,

I noticed that you have been following the reintroduction of the Matt Hazard character pretty closely, and even mentioned my new blog in your last post about the games.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m continuing with my plans to reveal more information about Matt’s background.

Today I posted information about some the “firsts” that Matt Hazard is responsible for bringing to gaming, that many people mistakenly associate with other titles. These include the now classic development timeline “when it’s done,” scandalous scenes involving intimacy and coffee, as well as other gameplay advances like jumping, crouching and, really, first person shooters in general.

Seems like you’re not the only one getting wise to Matt Hazard’s true background — my niece says there’s also new Facebook group popping up that is tracking my posts carefully. I’m not sure how to send you there — but I guess if you search for Matt Hazard in Facebook, you’ll find it (I’ve yet to register for the site).

Thanks again for staying abreast of the latest happenings. Let me know if there’s anything I can provide you in terms of information or background on the game.

With Thanks,

Ralph Tokey
Formerly of Marathon Software